Long-term planning process delivers reliable, quality equipment for clients

FleetCo is continuing to deliver for their clients in Western Australia, Northern Territory and South Australia through their long-term planning (LTP) process, ensuring consistent supply and availability of quality equipment.  

Aligned to Thiess’ maintenance strategy, FleetCo’s LTP process adds another layer of comfort for clients. The process evaluates the component forecast 12 months in advance and aims to lock in planned start dates up to four months in advance. Thiess Operational Maintenance Support Technicians (OMS) are also involved in the process to ensure jobs are completed efficiently, precisely and safely to align with Thiess standards. 

FleetCo offers a competitive solution to clients by leveraging Thiess’ Component Rebuild Centre (TCRC) at Hazelmere, supplying components including all major truck, grader, dozer and loader driveline components. This ensures FleetCo is delivering high quality and reliable components with the added guarantee of supply.  Major components and fitment kits can also be consolidated at the facility before they’re dispatched to our client’s site.  

Other benefits include: 

  • Equipment reliability 
  • delivery of agreed production targets and KPI’s 
  • forward production and mine planning through forecasting machine planned downtime up to 12 months in advance (or longer if requested). 

FleetCo offers tailored and flexible solutions for your needs. If you’d like to learn more, contact our team today


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