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As a global dry hire equipment provider, FleetCo has the expertise to source equipment internationally and deliver it to where the market requires. 

In late 2019 as part of a greater fleet movement strategy, FleetCo sourced a low houred Cat 994H Loader from Mongolia.  This piece of equipment was identified as a highly sort after piece of equipment for miners in Australia and was promptly shipped into the country.  “We know from having close relationships with our customers that large loaders are always in demand, and therefore, we were very confident that we would find a home for this machine very quickly” Global Manager Darren Toyne said.    

Having a global capability and presence allowed us to have the machine inspected in country prior to shipment to ensure that it was of a standard that our customers demand.

Once on the water, FleetCo marketed the loader and received incredible interest from both East and West Coast customers.  Ultimately an existing customer in the Pilbara had an immediate requirement but would need the loader to come with a high lift kit.  Once again using our global reach we were able to source a high lift kit from South Africa and have it sent to Perth for fitment to the machine prior to mobilisation to site.

“We used two different vendors, two different shipping companies and then a local Perth contractor to bring together a highly sort after machine” Asset Manager Greg Arthy said.  After the machine was assembled, the loader was sent to site in mid-2020 and has been working hard ever since, consistently achieving more than 500 hours per month. 

Like most hires eventually what goes out must come back and that’s the case here to.  Come March 2022 FleetCo will once again have a highly sort after machine available for hire.  Still with only 20,000 hours on the clock, it won’t last long.   

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