Solutions not excuses

At FleetCo we pride ourselves on finding solutions and not making excuses to our customers.  That’s why we were excited by the challenge of finding, preparing, and mobilising 2 x 550t excavators from one side of the country to the other. 

After being approached in mid-2021 we quickly identified that the best option for the client was two units in QLD, even though the job was in WA.  We worked closely together on a tailored solution that provided commercial sense for both parties and mitigated risk on both sides.

Key to the solution was the logistical challenge of coordinating permits and transport on both sides of the country given the client needed to be swinging in dirt by March 2022.  FleetCo looked at all options including shipping the machine in December to ensure that they arrived on time.  Ultimately, we decided to move via road freight in the first 2 weeks of January to align with the planned assembly schedule.  Throughout this process we continually collaborated with our client to align to the timeline requirements to achieve the desired outcome.

WA Business Development Manager, Jason Bonner said, “The movement of two extra-large pieces of equipment east to west presented some unique challenges, but we presented and agreed to a detailed plan with our client, then it was just a matter of executing on the plan.  I was very confident we would exceed our clients’ expectations, as that is what Fleetco is all about.”

In preparation for a move of this size, more than 2,700-man-hours were required to bring the excavators up to FleetCo’s standard. For the move, 14 trucks travelled a combined total of more than 300,000km to their destination.

By listening to our customer, and working closely with our supply partners, FleetCo was able to deliver a solution that was both on time and on budget.

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