FleetCo lending a hand

As the mining industry continues through a sustained period of high demand, the availability and lead times on equipment continue to be tight.  But for most of our customers its access to labour that has become the number 1 problem nationwide.

FleetCo currently offers labour support to several customers to assist with the on-going maintenance of our machines, but also customer owned equipment.

This all started in Western Australia 3 years ago, when during a regular monthly meeting, a customer mentioned that they were short on labour and looking for a solution.  We worked with the customer to agree on a scope that would work for both parties and implemented a solution.

This formed an on-going relationship that’s still in place today where FleetCo provides technicians on 7 day a week coverage for day shift.  As a priority our technicians work on the FleetCo hire equipment at site, but also assist the customer with their own equipment with the balance of their available time.  This short term stop gap, has turned into a long-term solution for the customer and is now part of their maintenance strategy.

“Our core business is dry hire, but when a customer reaches out for assistance with their maintenance, we are only too happy to try and find a solution that works” asset manager Greg Arthy said.  FleetCo now has projects in QLD, NSW & WA where we provide an extra maintenance solution as part of a dry hire package.

This is another example of FleetCo listening to our customers and working collaboratively to find solutions.  #solutionsnotexcuses

Photography by csfoto – Christian Sprogoe photographer


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