Gear that’s geared for you

Flexible dry hire options

FleetCo Equipment

Bulk earthworks to ultra-class | Single hires to major fleets | Short to long term

With equipment ready to mobilise, we give you the unique benefit of ready access to a fully-flexible fleet solution that can service up to ultra-class requirements. We work with our clients to develop bespoke equipment packages, from single hires to major fleets, on short to long-term contracts.

FleetCo’s flexible equipment hire contracts can be configured to your specific needs and provided on a fully-commissioned on-site basis. Each machine is fully serviceable, guaranteeing a solution that keeps your operational readiness front and centre, with minimal fuss.

From there, our experienced team is proven to deliver and guarantees the same high standard of service irrespective of a contract’s size.

Leading maintenance support

FleetCo Maintenance

The right service, scaled to your needs

All equipment is supported by a range of maintenance packages tailored to your requirements – from fully-maintained equipment through to shared maintenance agreements that balance your in-house capability with our services. This further ensures you gain the right service, scaled to your needs.

FleetCo’s hire contracts connect clients with Thiess’ maintenance capability. Thiess’ highly-regarded plant team manages all maintenance for FleetCo, drawing on the well-established Thiess asset management systems that are industry renowned. The combination of specialist maintenance teams and advanced facilities ensure the precise and timely delivery of support services to minimise downtime and maximise productivity.

Innovative commercial solutions

FleetCo Support Services

Packages designed to your project objectives

FleetCo is founded on the DNA of project delivery, so we understand what it takes to manage performance with tight margins. That’s why our commercial solutions are anchored in our commitment to supporting your operational delivery.

We offer access to innovative solutions – whether for start-up projects or established operations – making a wider range of commercially-smart choices available to projects.

We also work with clients to help them solve balance sheet issues – with a solid dose of fresh thinking and a true passion for seeing clients win. Your project objectives become the foundation for the way we design packages, going beyond just the supply of equipment to deliver an outcome you can back. In this way, we unlock access to equipment and ensure optimised output for our clients.

Extended value for operational excellence

FleetCo offers extended value to clients through additional support services. These can be leveraged as integrated services from the outset of a contract, or on an as-needs basis.